Day 12

The Internet has certainly been alive today. The abundance of information is frightening for two reasons: you don’t know how much of it you can trust. And if you can trust it, it means that the situation is only going to get worse and quickly. The states that are now reporting massive outbreaks and incidences of the Undead are Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, and Iowa. Outbreaks are also being reported throughout Ontario, as well as in Manitoba, Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. By tomorrow the list will likely be longer.

The Undead are multiplying at an exponential rate. Whomever they kill only joins them. It’s like the mythical Ouroboros, the iconic symbol of the serpent circling back upon itself to bite its own tail – a symbol of eternity, of immortality.

At some point, the Undead will run out of a food source and potentially starve to their second death but considering that their food source is us, it’s not the best plan for us to just wait them out. And that’s only if what we’ve seen in movies and read in literature can be trusted. We are relying on the assumption that they consume us for a specific and necessary reason. They might not need to consume us for nourishment at all. Their attacks on us may only be a means of transmitting and thereby propagating  itself. The virus or bacterium or alien organism causing all of this needs a means of passing itself along. The only form of survival it has is replication. What if the Undead don’t “starve” once they stop finding people out in the open to infect? What if we are destined to be plagued by the Undead forever?

There will come a certain point in time when the bodies of the Undead will give away. Their tissues will putrefy and rot away, but only if it still behaves like “normal” tissue. What if it doesn’t? What if everything I know about decomposition has changed when it comes to the Undead? Sure, we have seen putrefaction occurring on their bodies and certainly smelled the decomp on them but I am seeing corpses walking around that just shouldn’t be. Forget the fact that they are dead and walking. Consider the fact that the way in which their bodies are decomposing should render them immobile. Where is the bloat? The formation of adipocere due to the wet conditions they are likely to encounter? If the bodies are in fact in active and/or advanced decay how can they still be moving? Nothing is truly following the natural order of decomposition. It’s almost as if some of the laws of nature are being expunged, disregarded and have become obsolete in the face of this. If that’s the case, there may be no hope in stopping them except for total eradication.

But even that poses problems. Once they are totally and completely eradicated, once the earth is no longer home to the Undead, we will forever need to be vigilant. There is no way to know how long the infection will remain virulent outside of the host, or how long it will be able to survive as part of the archaeological record. We could eradicate it now only to have someone come into contact years or decades later and trigger the whole thing over again. There is just too much that we don’t know to be sure of anything.

While we have no way of knowing how long it can survive outside of its host, we do know that it has the ability to cross species. That’s a huge thing too. Not many organisms have and once they do it becomes nastier. When it jumps from species to species it’s a generally due to mutation, a coping mechanism it develops to survive.

Thinking about it scares me to death.

At some point someone has to come up with a plan. We as a species can’t just sit back and allow ourselves to be annihilated, can we? I have to trust that our flight has been worthwhile. That we’re fighting for something…

As I mentioned earlier, the Internet has been very active today with news, most of it covering the attack on Washington. In case you hadn’t heard yet, in the early morning hours, throngs of the Undead marched right into the city. Washington was just waking up for the day and it was like no one seemed to expect that anything so horrific could ever happen in to them in the Capital. There had been no preparation against a potential imminent bombardment despite their proximity to NY, Delaware and both of the Virginias.

One would have imagined that there would have been some level of precaution taken to protect the country’s seat of power. The shaky videos on the Internet showed us otherwise. I would include the links for the videos but for some reason I can no longer access them. A service provider may be down, or maybe someone, somewhere has decided that access to what occurred in the Capital should be kept to a minimum. If so, this is what I saw…

The Undead strolled in just before dawn, coming right up one of the boulevards as if they were part of some sort of homecoming celebration. The procession marched right up to the steps of the Capital in some perverse parody of pomp and circumstance and then scattered as if they were blown away like fallen leaves on a windy autumn day. One could almost believe that the Undead had a shared sense of consciousness but it seems too foreign to credit them with any intelligence.

Albeit, there was a time when we trusted the dead to stay dead…

Just under an hour later, a large number of the Undead reconvened at The White House. They stood outside at the gates, pushing and straining against them. There did not appear to be anyone there at the time since no Secret Service Agents or anybody really comea into frame or were noticed in any of the doorways or windows of the video. It took the Undead some time but they eventually broke the gates inward and flooded onto the neatly manicured lawns moving up toward the house.

You see them clearly overtake The White House. Within minutes you begin to see some people run out of the house screaming, being pursued by the Undead. Others are seen lit from behind in windows, their deaths and undeaths recorded on film in a matter of seconds. I’ve seen a lot of death in past 12 days. Heck, I’ve seen the dead rise. The last frame of the video I saw on the internet was shocking. It was so shocking mainly because of it recognizabilty. I can completely understand why it may be unavailable for future generations to see…

The President of the United States of America is no longer leading the country: he’s now one of the Undead.

The Next Day

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